Workforce management

Technology to support your workforce

Due to increasingly complex laws and regulations, and the globalisation of organisations, managing the workforce has become more challenging. Below, we've highlighted common occurrences in organisations or human resource departments that decrease the efficiency of your organisation and/or job satisfaction of your workers.

Is your organisation struggling with

  • multiple spreadsheets to calculate salaries and compensation?
  • mistakes that need to be traced and fixed manually?
  • the lack of a clear overview of the labour rules and regulations?
  • labour regulations that are difficult to interpret?
  • labour regulations that frequently change?

Every organisation should implement the labour regulations they are subject to to their workforce in an ethical and sustainable way. The challenges we've mentioned above can easily be solved and managed by introducing decision management and modeling to your human resource management.

Accurate worktime allocation for payroll

Avola Decision can help you create an intelligent working hours registration system, which can correctly apply every regulation or collective labour agreement your company is subject to. This central system needs to be flexible and easy to adapt, allowing it to evolve with changing regulations and grow with the company. Decision modeling allows you to structure the regulations and CLAs in decision tables and models, which can easily be adapted by the business itself. The worktime allocation for payroll is then instantaneously automated. The advantages are numerous. Regulations will be compiled in one central system which is flexible and easy to adapt by the business, who are in full control of the worktime allocation. The organisation can easily trace a decision back to the regulations it is based upon, increasing the level of auditability.  Lastly, the automated system will lead to an increase in efficiency.

Competence based work assignment

Decision modeling can help you match your workforce to new tasks and cases. Avola Decision allows you to automate the assignment of co-workers to tasks cases based on criteria such as availability, competences and capabilities. At the same time it also invites you to consider which decisions can be automated entirely. Setting up a straight-through process for said decisions will save your workforce time, which can then be spent on decisions and processes that require personal input.

Avoid incorrect labour taxation

While having an international or flexible workforce has many advantages, it can have a downside too. Your co-workers will be subject to complex taxation regulations globally, which can be hard to decipher. Decision modeling can help protect your workforce from the possible negative side effects of working abroad or cross-border in a legal and ethical way.

The complex tax laws can be structured in a decision model, which can then be automated with Avola Decision. Decision models will turn the complex regulations into easy to understand content, ensuring that everyone knows the regulations they are subject to. As Avola Decision allows you to automate decision models, you can also use our platform in a self-service advisory capacity. Once co-workers plug in the information relevant to their current labour situation a result will be shown, letting them know exactly which regulations they should adhere to and how. 

Avola Decision also adds the element of traceability here. The business owner can easily track decisions back to the rules and regulations they were based upon, and thus show why a certain conclusion was reached.

Do you want to improve your human resource management through automated decision making?

If you are interested in the Avola Decision platform, and want to get to know its possibilities, we will happily organize a demo for you (online or in office). Please leave your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible!