The need for decision management

Did you know that frequently occurring mistakes in organisations can have many causes? Unclear rules, complex processes, subjective decision making, frequently changing regulations and complex and international laws all have an effect on the daily operations of a company. They increase the likelihood of mistakes occurring in your operations or can already be the cause of frequently occurring mistakes within your company. Some of these mistakes might seem like minor inconveniences (e.g. miscalculations in workers' salaries, rejecting a client you otherwise would have accepted, etc.) but they still have a large impact on your organisation. Mistakes are costly, whether in financial terms or reputation-wise. Maybe you don't even realize how many "minor" mistakes occur in your company, or why they pop up so frequently. 

According to Harvard Business Review, a company's value is just the sum of the decisions it makes and executes. The research they conducted showed that decision effectiveness and financial results correlated at a 95% confidence level or higher for every country, industry, and company size in the sample.  It's clear that decision effectiveness is key to a organisation's success. That's why you need decision management. 

Decision management can help us by:

  • gaining back control over our decisions
  • ensuring they are correct, and thus help us avoid mistakes
  • creating a structure of decisions everyone can understand
  • giving us insight in the decisions we make, and the rules and regulations they are based upon
  • creating a decision structure that is consistent, yet easy to adapt when necessary.

At Avola Decision, we host a training called 'Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Fundamentals'. Here, we teach you how to use the DMN framework to improve your decision management. DMN may sound like a difficult framework or impossible to understand jargon, but it certainly is neither! In fact, DMN is a global standard that was created to be used by everyone.

Decision modeling: the training

We offer 2-day in house training on improving your decision management trough decision modeling withing your organization. This training will help you get acquainted with the fundamentals of decision modeling, and will provide you with business cases as exercises. 

Decision modeling can help your business in multiple aspects. It will increase your efficiency and flexibility, preparing you for continuously changing regulations. Not only will you be able to adapt business rules quickly, the use of decision models will also help you trace the decisions made back to the rules and regulations they were based upon. Lastly, the business itself will be able to govern and manage the business rules, improving the business IT-alignment. 

The 2-day Decision Model training will offer a guide to the creation of decision models, using the global Decision Model and Notation Standard. 

What can I expect from the DMN training?

The 2-day training “Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Fundamentals” offers a practical guide to the making of decision models to both business and IT employees. This training is suitable for interested parties who have no prior knowledge of decision modeling, as well as employees already experienced in mapping out business rules and logic.

In these 2 days, we clearly state how decision modeling improves business processes, and makes them more transparent. We will also teach the participants how procedures, rules and related documentation can be translated into structured and reusable pieces of business logic through the use of decision models.

We will teach you

  • how companies benefit from decision models
  • how decision models simplify process models
  • how you create business models
  • the 10 best practices of decision modeling
  • ...

You will learn all the above and more while applying the acquired knowledge to the multitude of exercises and use cases in our training.

Please request your in house decision management training now.