Avola Decision

Avola Decision is the first of our tools and it enables you to improve your decision management through automation. Our platform focuses on decision modeling which brings structure and clarity to your organisation. It's a tool for both business and IT users; the business structures the business logic into decision models, and IT integrates the execution of decision models into own software. Improving the decision management of your organisation through decision modeling can make your company more agile, efficient and transparent.

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Avola Forms

Avola Forms allows you to create intelligent surveys. By linking the execution of decisions to the steps of a questionnaire, you can act on the gathered information immediately. Surveys are easy to make thanks to the intuitive builder and can be customised to fit your housestyle. Avola Forms can be used as a way to gather information internally or can be used to create self-service portals on your website.

How does it work?

Execution engine

We firmly believe that decision models become even more valuable upon execution. Creating the models serves as a great analytical tool, because it forces you to think about the rules and logic behind the decisions your organisation makes. Executing decision models is what can help you become a more efficient, agile and transparent firm. Every version of a decision model, that has been tested, approved and released by the business owner, can be executed through the API.

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