Success stories

Claim Handling at an insurance claim handler

An insurance company faced the challenge of improving their claim handling process. We demonstrate how Avola Decision helped improve the efficiency, flexibility and customer centricity of the insurance company in this success story. The combination of letting the business rules steer the processes and straight-through processing whenever possible led to a 30% throughput time reduction, a fully flexible process and a better use of the workers' competencies.

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Medical Acceptance at an insurance firm

In this success story, we explain how an insurance company tackled the challenge of improving their medical risk acceptance and premium calculation processes. The organisation's approach was quite subjective and very labour intensive, leading to a high throughput time and a number of mistakes. We solved this by implementing a 100% straight-through solution, and using decision modeling to translate company policy and legislation into a clear structure to be automated.

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Work time allocation at a large construction company

The construction company employs a large number of people and is subject to multiple Collective Labour Agreements. Calculating the correct salary per worker is thus a complicated affair, and many manual fixes were required. The organisation modeled all the Collective Labour Agreements in Avola Decision, creating one central system that contains all the rules and implements them at the same time.

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