Acumen has been active in the financial services since 2004. The experience gathered from insurance companies and pension managers has led to an energetic and experienced group of consultants, and solutions tailormade to clients’ specific requirements.
One of those solutions was developed in collaboration with Avola Decision. Generic knowledge domains have been defined for our product groups Life, Pension, Income, Disability and Damages, and their decision rules have been modeled out in Avola Decision.
Said rules are made available to insurers, in combination with Avola Decision.  Visit their website


AE - architects for Business & ICT is a consultancy company specialising in digital transformation. We build seamless ICT solutions that allow your organisation to realise its business objectives in an increasingly complex world. We realise that a strong focus on customers, people, processes and technologies calls for new analysis, design and implementation methods. We build on what exists today with an eye to future opportunities and provide both practical advice and pragmatic solutions that guarantee successful change. Visit their website


Bizzomate re-aligns business and IT by delivering organizations real agility and allowing them to fully take advantage of the continuously changing business environment.
In order to realize this, Bizzomate provides a range of state-of-the-art methods and technologies for the fast and flexible development and deployment of innovative web and mobile business applications, both for the internal organization and the external user community.
Bizzomate has offices in the Netherlands (Maastricht, Breda), Belgium (Brussels) and the United Kingdom. Bizzomate is Mendix Partner of the Year 2015.  Visit their website


As an IT integrator, we help organisations and their employees to focus on their core business by alleviating unnecessary pains paired with information flows.

We do this by integrating technology into people-oriented and strategic solutions.
By aligning the different involved parties and their visions, we can coordinate the efficient realisation of relevant best value solutions.
Our strong people-oriented team focuses on the following components:

  • Business Alignment
  • Long term technical architecture
  • Project, Change & Risk Management
  • Technical Solutions

Visit their website