Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Training

Follow our decision modeling training to learn how you can create decision models for your organisation.

Effective decision making

According to Harvard Business Review, a company's value is just the sum of the decisions it makes and executes. The research they conducted showed that decision effectiveness and financial results correlated at a 95% confidence level or higher for every country, industry, and company size in the sample.  It's clear that decision effectiveness is key to a organisation's success. 

How effective and clear are the operational decisions in your company?

A large percentage of your operational decisions are buried in software code or policy manuals and taken for granted. Not enough thought is put into these decisions you take on a daily basis. And if they do happen to be visible, a subject matter expert is needed to take them.

Yet decisions determine the success of your company. So set your company up for success. Learn how other companies successfully transformed their operations and took control over their daily decisions by creating a consistent structure that adds value to the company.

How? By implementing decision modeling. 

Decision modeling: the training

On June 6 and 7, 2018 Avola Decision is organising a 2-day training on Decision Modeling. This training will help you get acquainted with the fundamentals of decision modeling, and will provide you with business cases as exercises. 

Decision modeling can help your business in multiple aspects. It will increase your efficiency and flexibility, preparing you for continuously changing regulations. Not only will you be able to adapt business rules quickly, the use of decision models will also help you trace the decisions made back to the rules and regulations they were based upon. Lastly, the business itself will be able to govern and manage the business rules, improving the business IT-alignment. 

The 2-day Decision Model training will offer a guide to the creation of decision models, using the global Decision Model and Notation Standard. 

What is the Decision Model and Notation Standard?

The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) is an official standard published by the Object Management Group. Thanks to this new worldwide standard, organizations can elevate the description and modeling of their critical business decisions and rules, and can even manage and automate these outside of the IT department. The Object Management Group is well known for their published standards, such as BPMN for process modeling and UML for application architecture. Since DMN has now become a universally accepted standard as well, we have adapted and conformed our training to include it. We are the first ones within the Benelux to add this extra dimension to our story!

Decision Modeling is generally viewed as the third pillar of business-IT alignment. It is now not only possible to manage and control your data and processes, but your business rules and logic as well. DMN was designed to be easily understood by both business and IT users.

What can I expect from the DMN training?

The 2-day training “Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Fundamentals” offers a practical guide to the making of decision models to both business and IT employees. This training is suitable for interested parties who have no prior knowledge of decision modeling, as well as employees already experienced in mapping out business rules and logic. In these 2 days, we clearly state how decision modeling improves business processes, and makes them more transparent. We will also teach the participants how procedures, rules and related documentation can be translated into structured and reusable pieces of business logic through the use of decision models.

You can expect concrete, “real life” business examples which illustrate the base concepts of decision modeling, and interactive discussions with multiple concrete exercises.

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When will the next training take place?
June 6 and 7, 2018

Where will the training take place?
The Netherlands (more info coming soon)

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