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Actionable Artificial Intelligence in the legal world
18th December 2017
Drie stappen voor het nemen van de juiste beslissingen
29th March 2021

Our first Design Sprint for Avola… what a great approach!

To challenge each other is in our nature. Recently we organized a design sprint. During this week we have been challenging a big feature for the future. A feature for our Decision Management Engine Avola. Design Sprint – On day one we determined our long term goal for this feature and we mapped out the process. In the next few days we quickly iterated over new ideas and solutions. Keep on reading…

Design Sprint – Stepping out of your comfort zone. On the second day of the design sprint we started sketching and everybody was involved, because we know everybody can sketch. Everybody visualized his or her ideas, so that the next day we could decide which ideas were most promising.

When all good ideas come together, there needs to be a decision. A process that is not to be taken lightly. On the 3rd day of the Design Sprint we evaluated all ideas and their components, so that we could decide what we wanted to test on Friday. That would be the day we were pitching our idea to real customers….Exciting!

You can prototype everything, it’s just a mindset. From robots to software, it’s wonderous to see how little you need to let it feel real. And we did it! On the 4th day of our Design Sprint we built a whole new functionality in just 4 hours.

And Friday was the last day of our Avola Design Sprint. Oh my God it was exciting. We tested the assumptions we made during the week with our customers by showing them a prototype of new functionality. With the feedback we were able to make an informed decision towards the future. All that within a week! It was a fantastic week with a great and unexpected outcome which was way better that I could have dreamt…

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