29th March 2021

Drie stappen voor het nemen van de juiste beslissingen

Een nieuw onderzoeksrapport van McKinsey beschrijft de factoren die het toekomstige succes van een organisatie bepalen. Eén van de belangrijkste kenmerken van een toekomstbestendig bedrijf is het snel en goed nemen van beslissingen.
9th January 2020

Design Sprint

Our first Design Sprint for Avola… what a great approach! To challenge each other is in our nature. Recently we organized a design sprint. During this […]
18th December 2017

Actionable Artificial Intelligence in the legal world

AI has become the buzzword for organisations all over the world, and it’s not sparing a single sector. One of the sectors currently affected by AI is the legal world.
12th November 2017

Decision effectiveness: the key to an organisation’s success?

According to Harvard Business Review, a company's value is the sum of the decisions it makes and executes. The research they conducted showed that decision effectiveness and financial results correlated at a 95% confidence level or higher for every country, industry, and company size in the sample. It's clear that decision effectiveness is key to a organisation's success.
26th October 2017

Lawyers and accountants: use your knowledge in a commercial way by being proactive

fadeInRight Legaltech for knowledge workers As a knowledge worker like a lawyer or an accountant you often don’t realize how you can best use your complex […]
11th September 2017

Why operational business decisions are strategic

Not only processes are important for businesses: so are decisions...
20th August 2017

Gartner’s Hype Cycle Report

Not only processes are important for businesses: so are decisions...
19th August 2017

What is decision modeling

Not only processes are important for businesses: so are decisions...
23rd February 2017

Let business and IT rock & swing together again!

Yesterday, we hosted an event in which we highlighted how business and IT can rock and swing again in their joint journey towards excellent customer service, controlled straight-through processing and real business agility.