Behind the Screens: Steven Mertens

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15th February 2018
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It's time for you to meet Steven, who is in charge of business development and partner management

To start, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, I’m Steven. A quick rundown: Born in 1974, studied history at university, married and father of 2 children (7 and 14). I live in the beautiful countryside between Leuven and Brussels, where you can often find me running or walking my dog. I am socially engaged and active in quite a few organisations, and I value nature and environment very highly.

What is your role in the organisation?

I am responsible for business development and partner management. This means I try to convince new customers of our platform but also search for new partners and help our new and existing partners in selling the Avola platform to their customers.

Working as Avola Decision

Why did you choose to join the Avola Decision team?

I’ve known Stefaan since I started my career, so when he told me about the Avola platform and the organisation behind it, I was incredibly enthusiastic and could feel the almost endless amount of opportunities. After having worked in the document management industry for about 15 years, I was ready for a new challenge. Perfect timing!

What do you tell people when they ask what Avola Decision does?

I tell them that we’ve developed a software platform that enables organisations to automate business logic in a very fast, open and transparent way, with minimal IT effort.

Do you feel like you fit in well with the Avola Decision team?

Yes, I do. We have a small yet diverse team. Some young, some more experienced, some technical, some not so technical... Even though we’re all quite different, we share the same values: pleasure, prestige, passion and professionalism. Especially the discussions during lunch are quite memorable!

What is the most challenging and/or rewarding thing about working here?

What our platform enables you to do is for many people hard to understand. Sometimes, they even deem it impossible. Automating business logic is a very different approach than what customers have known their entire lives. A big part of our job is convincing people to look at what they’ve been doing all along through a different lens.
The most rewarding moment? When a prospect tells us that it’s almost like magic.

Each member of the Avola Decision team dedicates 10% of their time to corporate social responsibility. What have you decided to do with that time?

Every week I spend an afternoon in ‘t Lampeke, which is a community centre in Leuven. I cook a healthy meal for around 25 people with limited means. It’s very rewarding, because your effort truly has an impact on their day! Being there also helps me put everything in perspective.

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