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18th December 2017
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21st December 2017

Meet... Aster Roelandt!

Let’s start with a short introduction. Tell us a bit about yourself, please!

I’m Aster, 24 years old, and joined the Avola team at the start of 2017. I was born in Aalst, and am currently moving to Vlezenbeek with my girlfriend, Kirsten, and our 2 cats.
In my spare time I like to stay busy by playing video games, or watching series and movies with Kirsten. I don’t just watch TV shows and movies though. I also like to watch talk shows about IT-related subjects I can learn from, but those I tend to save for my commute to and from work.
The last thing you should know about me is that I’m a very competitive person. After working at Avola for a few months, I was challenged to run the 20km of Brussels. I couldn’t pass on the challenge, and wanted to run it faster than the others too. Thanks to their challenge, you can find me running in my neighbourhood a few times per week too.

What is your role in our organisation?

I am one of the 4 software developers, and my job is to expand the Avola application with new features. I also fix bugs (which I may or may not have caused myself) reported by our users.

Working at Avola Decision

Why did you choose to join Avola Decision as a developer

I had just graduated and been to a few job interviews already. Every interview I had felt so serious, strict and official: not something I could see myself doing for the rest of my career. Then I was contacted by a recruiter through LinkedIn asking whether they could call me. The first phone call already left me with a much better feeling than the other job interviews had. After my first real interview with Bart (Bart Dupon, CTO at Avola), I knew that this was a place I’d want to work at. It was the first interview where I was asked what I liked to do, where they were interested in what I wanted to do. I feel like I can be myself here, a feeling I didn’t get with other companies.

Do you feel like you fit in well with the Avola team?

I do! It feels like one group of friends that always have fun, no matter where they are (or how boring the task they’re doing might be). There’s no tension either because you can talk about anything here and there will always be somebody interested in what you have to say.

All the people at Avola dedicate 10% of their time to supporting a non-profit as Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. What have you decided to do with that time?

Kirsten has been working in a ‘Medisch Pedagogisch Centrum’ for two years, which is a centre that guides and educates children with multiple disabilities. She told me that while there are many computer games designed for children with disabilities, there aren’t any specialized and affordable ones for the children she works with. Kirsten and her colleagues already had multiple ideas on games that would benefit the children, and that’s where I come in. The 10% of my week is spent as a software developer for the ‘MPC’. I create custom-made games and software to stimulate the development and enrich the therapy sessions of the children.

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