Avola Forms

Discover how to create intelligent surveys

Creating intelligent surveys has never been easier.

What does Avola Forms enable you to do? 

  • build forms based on the decisions and data from your Avola Decision organisation
  • automated decision execution based on the gathered information
  • easy survey building thanks to the intuitive tool
  • incorporate your own housestyle
  • embed forms into your website
  • control the access and edit rights of your forms

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Easy survey builder

Once you've built your decisions in Avola Decision, you can start creating forms. It really couldn't be any easier! You simply choose a project for which you want to create a form and start creating. 

So how does it work?

  • create a form, and decide who receives access and edit rights
  • head over to the forms website, where you should see all the forms you have access to
  • open the form you need, and start building!

We've kept the interface intuitive, so you can build your forms as quickly as possible.

Create intelligent surveys by importing your Avola Decision questions

What makes Avola Forms so unique is the possibility of creating intelligent surveys. You can do this by linking the execution of decisions to the steps of your survey. 

How do I create an intelligent form? 

  • add questions from your linked decision services in Avola Decision
  • add custom questions that don't lead to decision executions, but can give you extra information
  • link a decision to a step, and execute decisions it by clicking the 'next' step in the form

That's really all there is to it! Doesn't that sound incredibly easy? Once you've created your decision models, intelligent forms are just a few clicks away.

Step-by-step form building

To create a clear and visually appealing form, you can divide your questions between steps and sections. Each step has an 'add questions' button to ensure you're adding data to the right step. Made a mistake? No worries, you can drag and drop questions to the correct step. 

What are steps and sections, and how will they change your form?

  • steps are the parts of your form that execute decisions: once you link a decision to a step, you will execute it by clicking the 'next' button
  • within a step you can create different sections to separate and group questions together which will make it easier for the users of your form
  • while editing, you can collapse all steps to get a clear overview of what you've created, and which decisions are linked to which steps

Incorporate your house style in your forms

Avola Forms allows you to incorporate your own style in your surveys through the use of themes.

How do I change the style of my form? 

  • go to themes and create a new one
  • edit the CSS to your liking: you can choose to load a sample CSS or an empty CSS
  • go to the form in question, en choose 'all preview URLs' to see how your form looks like in the chosen theme
  • you can also choose to display a header and previous steps, or to hide one, or both

Adapt your form to your liking before sending it our or embedding it in your website!

Share or embed your form

When you're satisfied with your form, you can publish it immediately. There are several options to send your survey out!

  • share the link to the form with your target audience
  • embed the form in your website
    • public access: forms can serve as intelligent self-service portals to generate traffic and leads for your website
    • member-only access: embed a form in pages only members can access 

Are you interested in Avola Forms?

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