2017: the highlights

Actionable Artificial Intelligence in the legal world
18th December 2017

Happy holidays!

2017 has been a year full of exciting changes and growth for us. Before 2018 officially starts and we get ready to tackle the next goals and challenges, we’d like to take some time to share our highlights of the past year with you.

The road so far

We kicked off 2017 by moving into a brand new office space! Say hi to our Avola Decision Campus in Leuven (even better: we’re located right above a pub!). As our team had grown in late 2016/early 2017, the space in Tervuren could no longer accommodate us. We needed a new office, one that could house us all comfortably and would be easy to reach. So we set our sights on Leuven: a vibrant city and the hub of decision modeling in Belgium. A move wasn’t only on the cards for the company though. Some of our new team members also decided it was time for a new space.
February marked our Avola Decision event to celebrate our move to Leuven and the new version of Avola Decision we released. We took over Het Depot for an afternoon filled with talks by our customers and professor Jan Vanthienen, music and fun. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!
So far, we’ve covered two new things 2017 brought us: a new office, and a new version of our platform. After renewing our product and moving into a new space, we decided it was high time to renew our online presence too with a new website. We’re still improving it and adding to it every day to create the best possible experience for you. Recently, we launched 3 solutions pages describing the practical use and necessity of decision management and decision modeling in each of the following sectors: legal, insurance and workforce management.
The next milestone reached? The Bizzotope Group, of which Avola is a part, celebrated its 5 year anniversary in October! We couldn’t have achieved any of this without our customers and partners, so we hosted the ‘Bizzoday’ to celebrate this anniversary and show you how happy we are that all of us are part of this ecosystem.
The Bizzoday was held in Maastricht, where we hosted a brewery tour, a cooking workshop, a session of our Bizzotope game and a dinner. We were also treated to a wake-up call courtesy of The Fountainheads, who talked about continuous innovation and the importance of grasping opportunities. They reminded us to look at our future differently and challenged us to keep innovating and think outside the box. The perfect message for us!
We can’t forget about Avola Forms! We created Avola Forms this year, which allows you to create intelligent forms yourself. You can create a survey in Forms and execute the decisions you’ve modeled in Avola immediately. There are so many ways to use Forms, both internal and external: to test your decisions, to gather data from your customers, to create self-service portals, for decisions and cases you don’t want to build a separate application for, etc.

Onwards and upwards!

We’re incredibly excited to see which challenges 2018 will bring! We want to thank you for sharing our journey so far, and we hope to do the same in 2018.
Happy holidays!

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